Founded in Colombia

Founded in Colombia - The most innovative startups in Colombia

Latin America is the Final Frontier for Global Business and Technology Innovation. And Colombia is leading the Charge. We are the home of Juan Valdez, (and without Juan, there would be no Starbucks), the flowers you just bought for your mother, (they came from our backyard), and we mastered the art of the Empanada (think Hot Pockets, but way better).

Our innovators are fresh, driven, educated, intelligent and hungry to share what they can offer to the world!

As part of Founded X, this list is a tribute to innovative startups that are proud of their Colombian roots.

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What do all these companies have in common?
1) They were founded in Colombia in the 21st century
2) They have the ambition to transform their industry
3) The founders know everything about the guayaba generation

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